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still life

So I am back and not empty-handed. I am back with fruits. I would say, “Go Veg! Fruits are beautiful!” But I can not as I am not yet there. Although fruits and vegetables are truly magnificent. But you know, nothing is cheap in Congo and hardly half of these fruits comes from Congo. From Zambia, South Africa, I guess…


meditating, Personal development

My sun is serious, no jokes

meditating, Personal development

colours and music

I have not been drawing for ages, since I was a child. And now I am drawing for three days in a row. I forgot how magic these moments of peaceful and perfect concentration are. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to draw or not, the main thing is peace it gives you and the ideas about yourself.

I started with Ganesh(a) the Hindu god of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings

This reminds me of Cesaria Evora

And finally Nina Simone